Your Executive Multiplier

Get 8.3 hours of your time back each week!

  • Manage all communications and repetitive functions at once
  • Prioritize and drive strategic, cross-functional programs to completion
  • Get unbiased counsel and best practices designed for your growth stage
  • Receive unlimited support with low flat rates and avoid long-term contracts

How much time and money are you wasting doing everything yourself?


ROI: -% per week

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Letting Leaders Lead

You are an executive in a fast-paced environment, doing well in your role, but you have another gear. You feel stretched between clients, employees, family, prospects, friends. You have great staff, but you want to help them find another gear, too. If you had another hour every day, you would be unstoppable.

That is where an Executive Multiplier comes in.

Your Executive Multiplier is professionally trained in best practices and technology to help you lead more effectively and efficiently. They deliver…

Administrative Coverage

Shut off at night knowing everything is being managed, then return to a planned day the next morning.

Personal Efficiency

A trained expert takes your tedious tasks, gives you back time and consistently introduces new initiatives.

Operational & Cultural Impact

Your Executive Multiplier brings a series of effective, proven practices to you as a way to grow your organization.

Proxxy Representation

Once your time and organization are optimized, your Executive Multiplier can even represent you in meetings. 

“Proxxy is a game changer! My Executive Multiplier brought tools and processes that have made me and our teams more effective and efficient. They’ve knocked out projects I used to have to do myself. They’ve made such a difference for me that other senior leaders have asked to have their support as well, which they were ready, willing and able to do.”

CEO, Software Engineering Firm

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"Proxxy enables me to focus on productive stuff"

— Tim Oliver, President & CEO

"I'm using all the hours Proxxy gives me back to be productive"

— Amelia Cook, CEO

"Your help made a huge impact. It allowed me to be more intentional with the clients I was with, rather than tied to my phone/email."

— James Robert, Chairman

"The combination of having you handling things and me turning off email notifications is so freeing and has allowed me to focus."

— Isabella Murphy, CEO