If we rewind the clock even a few years, you’ll see many small-to-mid-sized companies using remote support in one of two ways:

  1. Using outsourced talent to save money for certain applications (e.g.,  overseas call centers, offshore developers, etc.)
  2. Allowing your existing team members to work remotely for part of their workweek. Statistics show 70% of companies have some sort of arrangement like this in place.

While these reasons are totally valid, they’re also limiting what we know remote support can become. Here’s a look at how the vision of remote support is changing and how this changing vision can benefit your business.


Fighting The Original Paradigm

Looking at the above examples, while both are useful, they point to the idea of virtual support being a “second choice” in a business for an existing question. Can’t afford to fill some positions? Outsource them remotely. Your staff demanding a better work-life balance? Let them work from home a day per week. What more companies should  be doing is treating remote work as their first choice, not their backup option.

Let’s take a look at some key issues surrounding a lot of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

  • As many as 82% of all companies don’t feel they’re doing an adequate job of recruiting talent.
  • 90% of companies say, on occasion, that lack of organization keeps them from fulfilling their planned objectives.

These issues can easily sink a business if they exist concurrently or happen in rapid succession, so it’s important to use all the tools at your disposal to keep your business well-organized and stocked with top talent. This is why you need to start thinking remote support-first, rather than as a patch-up solution.

The New Age Of Remote Support

In the new paradigm of remote support, you shouldn’t be looking for remote work to fix existing issues your company has, but to head them off before they even happen. For example, offering a remote platform as a part of your job description will help your company recruit top talent across the world, instead of being limited to your geographic location. While you may have to make accommodations, these costs generally pale in comparison to how expensive it is to lose important employees.

On the topic of important employees, it’s critical that you begin looking at remote options for some of the more essential roles of your company. For example, C-suite talent generally takes decades to develop. Finding someone with the experience and expertise to support your company, while meeting your price, while also being in your area, can be a tall order. Using remote support to fill these needs allows you to cast a wider net. 

How Proxxy Fits In

When it comes to remote support, C-suite level talent is rarely considered, but if you think about it, it’s the perfect match for a lot of businesses. Your average SMB doesn’t have the funds to match the salaries of an experienced C-suite professional. However, they could benefit greatly from their skills, such as:

  • Being a sounding board for business decisions
  • Juggling management for different teams
  • Reducing tedium/wasted time

A balance can be struck where this expertise is  always available without adding another full-time member (and their cost) to the senior management team. This is where a service like Proxxy comes in, allowing a virtual connection with a C-suite professional for those initiatives and efforts that need that type of expertise. Think of it as the equivalent of a political chief of staff. They may not need to weigh in on every decision a team makes, but when the time comes to mobilize toward an initiative, you have the experience and knowledge ready to jump in and help. Remote support makes it far easier to fulfill that need. 

Proxxy is leading the way with regard to the new age of remote support, using technology to provide top talent for a fraction of the cost, as opposed to using low cost workers to minimize business tedium. If you’re interested in using our services to add  your own remote chief of staff, fill out the Chief of Staff Survey Wizard. This will help you see the impact a chief of staff could have on you and your business and help us connect you with the ideal remote professional.

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