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Growth Tax Tips

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Proxxy is your Executive Multiplier. Our trained professionals save you time, provide strategic counsel, and manage programs to grow your company. Each month we share a proven strategy our Proxxy’s use to multiply a leader’s effectiveness called the “Monthly Multiplier.” We sincerely hope it helps your business grow, inspires you to think differently, or ask for help.

What’s inside


Defining growth tax tips


An overview of popular growth tax tips


Background of the development of tax tips


Variables that impact your choice of growth tax tips


The importance of understanding the various tax tactics


Case studies on the effective use and how you understand them.

Defining Growth Tax Tips

SMBs face unique challenges at tax time because they file personal and business taxes simultaneously. This adds stress to an already tense season. And while doing your taxes is typically not fun, the way you approach them has a direct impact on your company’s personal profit. Taking charge of your tax responsibilities is an investment and requires commitment, but the benefits—including increased productivity, better decision-making, and boosting your personal profit—make it entirely worth it.


This whitepaper will introduce the concept of SMB growth at tax time. It will also offer tips and strategies to help your business thrive and achieve its financial goals with minimal stress. Regardless of your growth rate, understanding the impact of taxes on your company will allow you to adopt a tax strategy that fuels business success.

Tax season is notoriously difficult—doubly so if you are an SMB owner. In fact, more than half of SMB owners view tax preparation as challenging and complicated. Additionally, half of all SMB owners handle their company’s taxes on top of their personal taxes—which is both stressful and complicated. And many SMB owners lack awareness of the strategies that are available to them to help their business manage taxes. SMBs face several additional challenges at tax time:  


The fundamentals of customer relationship management systems monthly multiplier by proxxy

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The fundamentals of personal reputation management monthly multiplier by proxxy

The Importance of Career Mapping

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Join us next month when we dive into a complete guide to career mapping and what it means for your company.

The fundamentals of customer relationship management systems monthly multiplier by proxxy


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