In this episode of Collective54’s Pro Serv Podcast, Tony Amador, Co-founder and Chief Client Officer of Proxxy, reveals the importance of adapting a firm’s value proposition to align with clients’ needs. His insights demonstrate how careful listening and a clear purpose can guide your business to success.

Tony initially developed a business model intended to save executives’ time. Over time, Tony and the leaders of Proxxy realized that the true value offered wasn’t just about reclaiming time — it was the strategic solutions provided by experienced advisors.

Proxxy’s team shifted their focus towards becoming executive multipliers, enabling executives to be more effective by offering strategic advice and proven processes. This pivot moved Proxxy away from solely “saving time” toward delivering high-value operational strategies.

Proxxy and Tony’s journey is a valuable lesson for businesses. It emphasizes the importance of adaptability and deep understanding of clients’ needs. Proxxy’s evolution demonstrates how a well-executed pivot can significantly impact business success. Tune in to the podcast below from Collective 54!

What’s next?

Consider how you might reframe your own value proposition to genuinely meet your clients’ needs – and watch your business grow as a result. Reach out to Proxxy for trusted strategic advice.

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