“How do I build a remote or WFH culture?”

Culture is work. Culture is strategy. And for SMBs, culture is an operational necessity.



The responsibility of developing a company’s culture falls on everyone involved. Each team member, in one form or another, contributes to an organization’s work culture for better or for worse. To integrate a new – or more consistent – company culture, it must be championed from the top down.

The actions made by the CEO and the rest of the C-Suite have a profound impact on the activities below, especially as it relates to the culture setting. The individuals and/or department heads operationalizing the process and implementing the culture change, however, can vary in terms of relevancy and impact. Some firms, for example, leverage Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to further culture integration.

Others look to a Chief of Staff, which makes sense as long as the leader is more “Staff” than “Chief.”

Read more about creating culture and download the full white paper here.

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