Our client was struggling to determine the next set of initiatives needed to take their company to the next stage of growth. They experienced high leadership turnover in specific functional areas of the company, which directly impacted their momentum and stalled their plans to grow. They hired Proxxy to determine mission-critical growth initiatives and the leadership required to spearhead these initiatives.


Proxxy started with coaching conversations to determine the client’s readiness to spreadhead the necessary growth initiatives. These conversations focused on company brand and marketing strategy, sales processes, management methodologies, and employee engagement and performance accountability.

We took the client through the Growth Stage Assessment (GSA) to determine their current and future stages of growth and the corresponding initiatives necessary for the next stage. Proxxy conducted a gap analysis on the respective GSA results to determine the appropriate set of growth initiatives and the current leadership gaps to spearhead those initiatives.

Once the shared vision was established, Proxxy worked with the client to stage and implement the relevant initiatives to help the company move towards its next growth stage.


Proxxy helped the client successfully stage and implement the necessary initiatives to position the company for its next stage of growth. In this particular case, this included: 

  • Brand evaluation and re-definition
  • Leadership communication strategy and implementation
  • Management methodology (hybrid-EOS)
  • CRM automation
  • Sales process mapping

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