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Guide to special interest groups

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Special Interest Groups Multiplier


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What’s inside


An overivew of special interest groups


The history of the development of special interest groups


Determining the need for special interest groups


Variables that impact your choice of special interest groups


Steps for implementing a special interest group


Case studies on the effective use of special interest groups

The Complete Guide to Special Interest Groups

A special interest group is a group of SMB employees who come together over a shared belief, goal, passion, or desire for change. Groups can vary in size depending on the area of interest. It’s common for a company to have many different SIGs that represent the various interests, cultures, and genders of the workplace. Some of the most successful special interest groups have evolved into highly prosperous products.


Special interest groups are often working towards making changes that will benefit their demographic— whether that be the environment, gender-neutral washrooms, or a group dedicated to discussing race-based tensions in the workplace. 


Not only does allowing employees to bring their outside interests into the workplace create community and foster a sense of belonging, but it can also spark entrepreneurial opportunities. The first step is to hold an open meeting to identify employees’ various passions and interests. Popular strategies include:

Employees come together when they have a shared goal or purpose. Giving employees the freedom, space, and resources to explore and apply their myriad identities and interests at work can give rise to innovative ideas. On top of that, it can lead to profitable fresh initiatives or business ventures. It’s a win-win approach that the contemporary workplace demands. 


The fundamentals of customer relationship management systems monthly multiplier by proxxy

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The fundamentals of customer relationship management systems monthly multiplier by proxxy


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