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Personal Reputation Management

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What’s inside


The importance of personal reputation management


The history of the development of personal reputation management


Determining the need for a personal reputation management


Variables that impact your choice of personal reputation management


Steps for implementing a new personal reputation management


Case studies on the effective use of personal reputation management

Personal Reputation Management

Imagine that you are the owner of a small or medium-sized business. As your brand presence increases and you begin to serve a larger client base, you plan to scale your operations upward by hiring new staff. Unfortunately, a disgruntled ex-employee has written negative reviews about you and your company across several business review websites. In turn, this adversely affects the quality of your candidate pool. 


Reputation management offers a valuable solution to this recruitment scenario. Effective leadership teams also understand they can leverage reputation management to yield positive results in many areas. Reputation management strategies can help companies create more effective marketing, improve customer relationships, and find valuable insights for better decision making.


Considering the immense value of expressing brand values and personal beliefs through digital channels, it’s reasonable that 97% of business owners consider reputation management vital to their success. However, just as digital allows a C-Suite to quickly build a stage, this fast-paced world also brings more scrutiny than ever before. Every move an executive makes, both professional and personal, is subject to close examination by customers, investors, and employees. C-suite leaders must be willing to act as exceptional brand ambassadors and be in sync with the enterprise goals to help their businesses thrive.

Branding has come a long way since the 1700s, and has expanded to various aspects of life over the past couple of centuries. As numerous people began to display their name in the market, business guru Tom Peters began to ask questions regarding personal branding that forever changed the way marketers and companies view their brands. Since then, companies have utilized different mediums to build their personal brand including public relations, community outreach, digital tools, and most recently, social media platforms.


The fundamentals of customer relationship management systems monthly multiplier by proxxy

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The fundamentals of business operating systems monthly multiplier by proxxy

Customer Relationship Management Systems

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The fundamentals of customer relationship management systems monthly multiplier by proxxy


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