Our client recognized there was internal misalignment and confusion growing among staff as leadership was failing to effectively communicate relevant information (such as updates and changes) to the rest of the company. 


Executives generally possess the ability to champion and absorb rapid changes. They have a vision for growing the company and are focused on implementing changes in policy and procedures meant to increase productivity and profitability. If not careful, however, these changes can occur rapidly with little to no communication with the rest of the company. Ultimately, the lack of a thorough communications plan can result in staff feeling confused, struggling to navigate between old and new policies, and ultimately unable to perform at their best.  

Proxxy conducted an audit of the existing communication strategy to gain a better understanding of the communication efforts taking place and assessed the gaps. We found changes were being inconsistently communicated via multiple channels, often getting overlooked completely. This practice of sporadic updates through written communications was ineffective in disseminating information across the company and often left the team distracted and overwhelmed.

Upon further investigation, we found there were no enterprise meeting rhythms in place. Meetings between team members were scheduled as needed, usually casual in nature, and lacked a standard agenda. Information shared in those meetings was inconsistent or incomplete. There were also no standards regarding communication channels and best practices for sharing information.

Proxxy suggested implementing monthly All Hands meetings to encourage cross-functional communication and alignment. The All Hands meetings provided a structured format for management to share important updates. They gathered employees from different departments to share updates on their projects, ask questions, and provide feedback. The meetings were led by the COO and Director of Operations, adhering to a templated agenda that encouraged consistency in the types of information being shared each month.

In addition, Proxxy recommended implementing 1:1s between managers and their direct reports. These meetings were held once a month and focused on individual progress, feedback, and goal setting.

Finally, Proxxy recommended consolidating internal communication channels into a single platform. Rather than sharing information through several channels – email, text, Slack, HubSpot, Google Meet, and Zoom –  we created a channel hierarchy centered around Google Workspace, which includes Chat for instant messaging, Gmail for email, and Google Meet for video conferencing. By reducing the number of internal communication channels, we were able to simplify and streamline the way information is trafficked within the company.


All Hands quickly became a favorite forum for the team because they are interactive, allowing for a two-way communication flow between leadership and employees. Attendance for each All Hands has been above 95%, and employees participate in both planning and during the meetings. Employees exhibited increased curiosity, excitement, and appreciation for the company’s vision when they felt looped in and properly informed.

1:1s provided a forum for employees to share their concerns, seek guidance, receive recognition for their achievements, and learn more about internal changes that specifically affected their role.

Dedicating Google Workspace as the company’s main communication platform, coupled with a channel hierarchy, aided in creating the structure that employees were seeking. It encouraged rapid distribution of relevant information, improved absorption of changes, and reduced confusion.

Employees have expressed feeling less anxious and more welcoming of company and project updates. They have expressed gratitude for having clarification on where and how to expect information internally. Managers shared in a status update meeting that their direct reports are more engaged and proactively seek further insights during their 1:1s, whereas before, they seemed exasperated or detached. 

Monthly 1:1s and All Hands have been sustained consistently, thanks to the active participation of all employees. The employees’ positive association with the company and its changes is indicative of stronger staff/leadership alignment, improved by the implementation of enterprise communication standards.

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