stalled growth of a plant


Our client started their business just before COVID-19 hit. They did a great job keeping afloat during the quarantine phase, but as a sense of normalcy was restored, our client found themselves stuck in “survival” mode – unable to make progress due to a lack of momentum as well as an impaired sense of cohesion. The transition from surviving to thriving stalled and they needed some direction to get moving again. In addition, their experience leading to the formation of the company was with large, well-established institutions and now they were the ones establishing how best to do the work.


Transition phases can be tough to navigate – especially for smaller businesses with limited resources. Every employee must wear multiple hats while working together to create consistency and efficiency to stay profitable. When this happens, it is extremely important to have a unified vision and set of goals that everyone is working toward – as well as a disciplined approach to getting there.

For this, Proxxy worked closely with the CEO to define and articulate the company vision and worked with the leadership team to identify the key things needed to move forward. Knowing what to do is the first step – but knowing who is accountable is equally important. Proxxy also worked with the team to create a RACI matrix – establishing the role each person would play in achieving the company goals.

Throughout this process, Proxxy attended the leadership meetings and implemented a structure to ensure the team stayed on task and focused on the common goals. When needed, Proxxy would assist the CEO in a 1:1 setting to eliminate specific conflicts or confusion. Using a consistent format for meetings and check-ins eliminates wasted time and allows for maximum productivity. It also sets intellectual and emotional expectations – strengthening trust and confidence within a newer team.  


Creating structure and setting clear expectations sets a team up for success. This team moved from a place of distrust and stalled growth to a functional, forward-thinking growth mindset. 

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