An owner learns why ignoring the importance of legal compliance can jeopardize a business.


Our client was preparing for major growth but faced some hurdles. The processes that helped them grow to 30 employees were not going to get them to 100. They had done some work to articulate their purpose but didn’t have anything operationalized, allowing employees to take part in the process. 


Many organizations don’t have a clear, established vision. This is especially common with smaller businesses that have been focused on building a desirable and sustainable offering. Many events can spark the need to establish formal vision and values. Most often, the company needs to position itself for substantial, sustainable growth. When an organization grows, the company’s values need to be crystal clear. If employee engagement is a concern, it’s likely the company’s vision and values are too vague. This leads to disengaged employees who don’t understand how their role fits into the organization’s larger purpose.

Since vision and values are the foundation of sustainable growth, the first step for this company was to start with a Management Methodology. 

Proxxy implemented the Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) and followed the book Traction to kick off the vision and values process. The process included several discussions with the CEO and exercises Proxxy facilitated with leadership, as well as team-based exercises. In a step-by-step process, Proxxy facilitated an exploratory process about the company’s values. Once the team had aligned around core values, we moved on to the company’s core focus. 

Working with a cross-functional team of about six people, Proxxy helped the company define its fundamental reason for being. This included EOS’s “three uniques” and the company niche. This process concluded with a clear understanding of the company’s long-term vision and purpose. 


Through the EOS process, a Vision Traction Organizer (VTO) document was developed. This document was shared with the staff to get everyone aligned on the direction and purpose of the company. Proxxy assisted leadership with the development of the company-wide presentation. Once the vision and values were clear to all parties, the company was ready to work toward one-, three-, and 10-year goals.

Clearly defined vision and values also helped the company better define its target market. Proxxy added marketing content pillars to the VTO, including a new tagline that positioned the company for future growth. 

In the following six months, the company grew from 35 to 75 employees, eventually reaching 100 employees with more growth anticipated. 

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