Our client’s rapid growth created a “just get it done” environment which led to inconsistent and inefficient processes. They found they were reinventing the wheel rather than leveraging previous experiences.


Growth is a good thing, but if a client doesn’t plan for scale, they can find themselves doing the same things differently and/or starting from scratch when there is an existing proven process. In addition, tools become individualized vs. standardized which leads to an inability to measure impact across the organization.  

In one of these situations, Proxxy started by working with the CEO to define and communicate measurable objectives and outcomes for the organization. Knowing where you’re going helps define the journey to get there. Simultaneously, Proxxy audited hours, task lists, and resources in order to standardize and optimize the workstreams.

Proxxy presented results to leadership and together they built a rollout plan to implement changes. Prior to the actual rollout – they worked closely together to assess people and teams that may struggle so that they were able to build the most effective communication plan.


Streamlining and standardizing common workflows increased efficiency so that the agency could take on additional clients without taxing employees. Revenue grew 36% in the year that consistent processes were put in place. In addition, turnover due to burnout was eliminated (overall retention went from 78% to 98%). 

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