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Your Leader’s List – August 2021

how to create and manage your office culture

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What’s inside


An overview of Culture Creation


The history of the corporate culture and management


Determining the steps to identify strengths and weaknesses in your office


Variables that impact your best approach in adoption and management


Steps for creating culture


Case studies on the effective management and the key performance indicators

The Complete Guide to Culture Creation and Management

The concept of corporate culture was first introduced in the 1960s as various social responsibility movements began to take hold. People were embracing environmentalism and anti-consumerism and expressing increased distaste for multinationals. Corporate culture also emerged as a result of overseas growth and competition via other national cultures. Japan’s unique corporate culture was also an influence. 


Successful organizations depend on a culture built upon a set of strong and widely-held beliefs. When we work in a positive environment, we’re inspired to deliver our best work. In fact, a positive workplace is the key to retention and attracting new talent. Conversely, few people can tolerate a toxic workplace, no matter how smart or talented they might be—and fewer workers are willing to put up with it: 49% of workers have considered leaving a toxic workplace, and employee dissatisfaction is a costly issue. High employee turnover costs companies billions of dollars in payouts, recruitment, and onboarding of new employees. 

This White Paper will introduce the concept of culture creation and management and its importance in performance, retention, and employee mental health. It will explore the danger signs to watch for if a company’s current culture is ineffective or toxic and how to fix it. It will also explore popular company culture-building strategies, the investments a company can make, and the ROI they can expect.



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Guide to Culture Creation & Management

Upcoming White Paper

Join us next month when we dive into a complete guide to culture creation and management.



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