A small business needed to hire four new employees within a tight timeline, but didn’t have an HR department to oversee the hiring efforts. Additionally, they lacked processes for consistent recruiting or managing the candidate flow for the stakeholders. The hiring process stalled and the company needed help managing the recruitment process from start to finish. They had job descriptions in place but needed help with online job postings, application management, interview scheduling, coordination of feedback among team members, and ultimately selecting the right candidates.


Without a defined HR department, many small companies struggle with hiring due to the lack of clear ownership of the process. This can result in stalled candidates and cumbersome decision-making. Implementing a Candidate Tracking System can help companies define their hiring practices and streamline the candidate flow by assigning ownership at each step of the process.

Proxxy took the lead in implementing a Candidate Tracking System (CTS) for the company. The first step was to identify each role that needed to be posted. If a job description didn’t exist, Proxxy ensured one was created. We then determined the workflow steps and hiring team for each position and loaded all the data into CTS. Proxxy also created standard email templates the team could use within JazzHR for communication with candidates. Additionally, we ensured that career page links and links for open positions on candidate websites were directed to the CTS posting, creating a central location for collecting and storing candidate data by position.

Once all the elements were approved by the client stakeholders, Proxxy posted the jobs as “open” in the CTS, which sends each open job to various posting sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Zip Recruiter, among others.

Proxxy set up triggers within the CTS to streamline the hiring process. As soon as candidates applied, the appropriate person on the hiring team was notified to screen the candidates. If a candidate was approved, Proxxy scheduled all interviews through the CTS, ensuring the complete history of communication between the company and the candidate was stored in one place. After each hiring step, the hiring team member (interviewer) moved the candidate through the process based on the predetermined workflow steps, such as handing off the candidate between team members. The hiring team member also provided feedback through the discussion tab within the CTS, creating a common location for all interviewers to review feedback. Proxxy guided the candidates through the process, ensuring timely progression. As positions were filled, Proxxy placed each job in a “Hold” status in the CTS, making it easy to reopen the position posting if needed.


By implementing a CTS, the company was able to streamline its recruitment efforts and centralize job postings, resumes, and candidate communications. This enabled efficient and consistent candidate management, allowing for timely feedback from all stakeholders. A CTS automates many time-consuming tasks in the recruiting process, while also providing effective communication with both desired and less desired candidates. The platform provides robust reporting, allowing our client to track important recruiting metrics and make informed decisions about their recruitment strategy.

As a result of Proxxy’s management and the CTS’s powerful features, the company successfully hired four new employees, within their desired timeline, to meet their staffing needs. 

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