A small business without an in-house HR team had been actively recruiting for various positions for several months. However, the absence of a defined handoff/flow in their interview process created a lack of ownership and interruptions in their hiring process, hindering their ability to swiftly hire candidates with input from key stakeholders. As a result, there was a bottleneck in moving candidates through the interview process, and a deficiency in the collection and sharing of feedback, leading to candidates waiting weeks or even months without a final hiring decision. 

The inefficient process caused the business to lose potentially strong hires and placed additional strain on the current employees due to the lack of resources to manage the workload. 


Proxxy facilitated a “hiring flow” workshop with the company, in which each position and the stakeholders (employees) involved in the hiring decision were discussed in detail. The workshop also focused on identifying the specific role or focus of each interviewer in assessing the candidates, such as technical skills and cultural fit. Based on this exploration, we developed a job posting catalog and an interview flow to streamline the hiring process. This allowed us to efficiently track all candidate information and interview dates, and ensure candidates moved through the thorough process in a timely manner.

Proxxy handled all candidate communication and scheduling virtually throughout the hiring process. We facilitated the movement of candidates through the hiring workflow by sending timely reminders for hiring team members to submit feedback and provide recommendations on whether or not to advance. Proxxy also arranged any necessary internal calls for the hiring team to discuss candidates. Additionally, we actively managed job postings on LinkedIn and Indeed, including responding to applicants who were not invited for an interview or who were not selected. Finally, Proxxy concluded the recruitment process by personally replying to every application, extending offers to final candidates, and removing the company’s job listings from LinkedIn.


Proxxy’s expertise in defining and executing the hiring workflow helped the company gain clarity on its hiring requirements and create an expedited and collaborative hiring process. For a company with a remote culture, the improved virtual hiring process was particularly crucial to ensure confidence in new hires on a small team, where every individual is vital.

While the organization’s hiring process was previously dependent on the founder and partners alone, the new process includes multiple stakeholders conducting interviews, clear expectations, and a feedback loop to ensure alignment at every step of the recruitment process.

Through Proxxy’s management of their virtual hiring process, the company has successfully hired two new employees who integrated seamlessly with the existing team.

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