A small business needed to hire two new employees to keep up with demand, but didn’t have an HR department to help. Without a recruiting service, back office, or operations team to assist with the hiring process, and with the founder and current employees occupied with other tasks, the company needed help managing its recruitment process from start to finish. They needed assistance creating the job listing, posting and managing incoming applications, scheduling interviews with candidates, coordinating feedback among team members, and ultimately hiring the right person. Plus, this process needed to be conducted entirely virtually.


First, Proxxy received an outline of the job duties from the client and collaborated with the team to finesse the final job descriptions. Next, we evaluated and selected the job posting platform that best aligned with the desired skill set (LinkedIn). Once the job postings were keyword optimized for LinkedIn, Proxxy published the posts as the principal of the company but managed them from behind the scenes.

The company set aside $400 for ads and outreach efforts that Proxxy was responsible for allocating over the course of 30 days.
Once the listings were live, Proxxy screened all candidates based on agreed-upon criteria. This zero-stage screening process included reading resumes and narrowing down the list of candidates to a few people selected for interviews. Proxxy put together a comprehensive, multi-stage interview plan. In the first stage, a current employee conducted an initial 20-30 minute phone screen to confirm the candidate has the necessary qualifications and sounds like they can do the job. If they passed, the candidate proceeded to have two other interviews with key personnel.

Throughout the process, Proxxy handled all communication and scheduling virtually. This included emails to schedule candidates as well as internal communications with existing staff about each candidate’s performance in the interviews. Proxxy continually managed the LinkedIn job posting, including responding to people who were not invited to interview or who were passed over. To conclude the recruitment process, Proxxy replied to every single application, made offers to final candidates, and removed the company’s listings from LinkedIn.


In the process of co-creating job postings, Proxxy helped the company gain clarity on what they wanted in their new hires. In a virtual hiring process, there‚Äôs never an opportunity to meet people in person. This client already had a remote culture so it was even more crucial to be 100% confident in each new hire. In a small company, every person can make or break the team. 

Previously, the founder did all the interviews alone. Proxxy created a new interview process that included multiple people. Now, the process involves multiple stakeholders, several interviews, clear expectations, and a feedback loop to confirm that all parties are on board at every step of the recruitment process.

As a result of the virtual hiring process managed by Proxxy, the company has hired two new employees who work well with the rest of the team.

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