A small business owner consistently expressed dissatisfaction with the quality and accuracy of one of his employee’s work. He grew increasingly frustrated and lost confidence in this employee, ultimately deciding the employee lacked the skill, ability, and cultural fit needed for the role.  He wanted to prevent the recurrence of similar issues with future hires but lacked an internal HR department to ensure consistent quality in the hiring process. 


Proxxy helped define the specific traits and skills needed in each role within the company. Then, as part of the hiring process, we gathered assessment data to evaluate candidates’ cognitive ability and cultural fit, which would be utilized as vital elements in their hiring process.

We leveraged the Predictive Index (PI) Tool and facilitated a workshop for the hiring team to identify desired attributes, necessary skills, and skill levels for each position. They created job-specific behavioral and cognitive benchmarks for each role in the organization and aligned them with current successful employees as a reference. The culmination of this data resulted in the establishment of an ideal job target for each position at the company. 

When it came time to hire new candidates, Proxxy leveraged PI to send individual assessments of behavioral and cognitive skills to each candidate and generated a match score against the established job targets. We then provided the hiring team with an individual Interview Guide to aid interviewers in delving deeper into any misalignments a candidate may have with the targets, or obtaining additional information to assess proper fit. The company leveraged this data as a crucial element, in conjunction with other components of their hiring methodology, to make informed decisions for the position.


By assisting the company in establishing behavioral and cognitive job targets for each position, Proxxy facilitated a clear understanding of the desired qualities in new hires. As the hiring process was conducted virtually and the company had a remote culture, it was paramount to have full confidence in each new hire. In a small company, every team member has the potential to positively or negatively impact the entire team dynamic.

Proxxy devised a method to gather behavioral and cognitive information about candidates and seamlessly integrated it into the company’s existing hiring process. The availability of this additional data bolstered the company’s confidence in hiring decisions. As a direct outcome of the virtual hiring process facilitated by Proxxy, the company has successfully hired one new employee (to date) who plays a crucial role in their organization.

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